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The Indian Herb is a perfectly balanced vitamin and mineral substance which is not harmful to the body in any way. It balances the metabolism and any blood disorders. It is a dark, semi-liquid paste. The herbal paste may be taken orally or applied directly to an abnormal growth. Life-Line Indian Herb

The Indian Herb helps the body while the person comes to terms with their attitudes and changes direction. The Indian Herb is not a gentle healer. In most reported cases, it is a relentless substance which hunts down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. Pain, swelling and sometimes fever is associated during its use.

The recommendations are based on what the majority of users have found so far to be effective. These recommendations describe the absolute MINIMUM doses that people have found to be effective. It cannot be stressed enough – The Indian Herb is very potent. Do not assume that if a little works, more will be better. USE THE SMALLEST DOSE POSSIBLE, and increase only if it truly seems necessary to you. Otherwise you will endure far more pain than necessary, and extend the healing period much longer than necessary.

 Use Life-Line and Indian Herb in conjunction with one another. Life-Line helps increase the potency of the Indian Herb and helps to speed recovery.



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