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Life-Line™ Catalytic Activated Energy Water

Life-Line™ Catalytic Activated Energy Water contains protoplasm to balance the body’s metabolism. Registered as an additive for human drinking water in class 32, Life-Line™ is processed by our own unique method.


  • Life-Line Catalytic Activated Energy WaterLife-Line™ concentrate should be stored in a cool, dark place with the cap on.
  • Life-Line™ Water must be kept at room temperature for best results.
  • A glass container should be used to mix Life-Line™ Water and distilled/good water.
  • The glass container should allow air flow – cover with a cloth or open pop-up spout.


Mix 8-ounces of Life-Line™ concentrate with 1 gallon distilled or good water into a glass container. When the glass container is half empty, add 1- ounce Life-Line™ concentrate and refill with distilled or good water. One gallon concentrate makes up to 60 gallons good drinking water.

Recommended Treatments

Internal. Drink 1 to 3, 8-ounce glasses of Life-Line™ daily. Ice cubes may be added when drinking.


Life-Line™ is shipped by UPS ground in 48 contiguous states, please give your physical address. To ship priority mail, call or email for prices.

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